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Convert JPG,GIF,PNG,PSD,PDF to HTML for Email Optiarc dvd rw ad 7560a ata device only recognizes cd rom Flux rss Spanish version French version Version allemande Version portugaise Version italienne English version * Wednesday June 3, 2009 - 12:39:10 am BST * registered : 1439105 * online : 25622 * questions/day : 4311 * Answer rate : 66.79% Sign up for free (lost password?) Click here to find out more! * Home * Reviews * Forum o Windows forum o Linux forum o MacOS forum o Hardware forum o Software Forum o Videogames forum o Office software forum o Programing forum o Webmastering forum o Network forum o Viruses/security forum o * FAQ o Office software tips o Hardware tips o Software tips o Multimedia tips o Programing tips o Network tips o Security tips o Operating system tips o Webmastering tips o * Download o Audio softwares o Office softwares o Programing softwares o Security software o * News * Guide Ask your question Print Format Forum list Help them Statistics Search CharterForum Viruses-security See also A required cd/dvd drive device driver is missing dc7900 Bios not detecting cd rom Cannot locate the cd\\dvd rom on device manager Cd rom drive of ibm laptop ibm 2723 Cd rom ide cable Cd rom iso level 2 Free pc cd rom burner software How to install windows xp home my cd is missing I was fixing a computer the other day and ran across the following error in device manager on the cd-rom drive. \"windows cann Icon for dvd/cd rom Issue vaio driver cd rom drive Lg cd-rom / dvd devices Optiarc dvd rw ad 7560a ata device only recognizes cd rom Unknown device cd rom Usb or cd-rom boot device not available Vista can\'t boot from cd rom Windows vista dvd rw was displayed as cd rom Yellow question mark next to the cd rom drive in device manger Plus They need your help * RSSOptions * 02/06 Old Version of Messenger (Windows) * 02/06 Sims 2 Problems (MacOS) * 02/06 Sims2 Question (Video games) * 02/06 how do i ople yahoo personal IN US IP (Network) * All unanswered messages Support Windows Linux/Unix MacOS Hardware Software Office software Video games Programming Webmastering Network Viruses/security Discussions & Opinions News Suggestions Member\'s corner Search : in By : Keywords Username Unanswered messages Cd-rom missing in device manager??? deyond, on Wednesday March 18, 2009 03:59:25 AM Report this message to moderators Hello,i wanna burn something on my blank cd but there is no cd-rom icon on my computer and device manager???pliz somebody help me what happen to my pc???this is the effect of the virus???what type of virus is it??? how to find back or enabled my cd-rom to access me to burning process??? Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 7.0 Best answers for « cdrom missing » * Try this worked for me after the CONFLICKER virus got ... Read more ... * If you cd rom is missing on your computer you should enable it on ... Read more ... * Hello,i wanna burn something on my blank cd but there is no cd-rom icon Ask your question Reply 2 linksys27, on Wednesday March 18, 2009 08:02:44 AM * * * * If you cd rom is missing on your computer you should enable it on device manager. or scan computer for new device Reply to linksys27 3 antoni810, on Thursday May 21, 2009 07:30:40 PM * * * * Try this worked for me after the CONFLICKER virus got me http://www.theeldergeek/restore_missing_cd_or_dvd_drive.­htm Reply to antoni810 Ask your question Reply * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews Tip Disable CD-ROM autorun Disable CD-ROM autorun AutoRun is the program that enables automatic launching of the CD-ROM. Below is a tips of how to disable the AutoRun. You just have to modify the specific key in the registry. Go to Start Menu and select... en.kioskea/faq/sujet-1277-disable-cd-rom-autorun Forum CD ROM Drives won\'t boot Hello, All three of my CD ROM drives have quit working. The Device Manager says that the drivers are no good. So how does one fix this since even though I have my Windows XP disc if the drive won\'t read it I\'m in a Catch 22 right ? Any advice ? en.kioskea/forum/affich-42029-cd-rom-drives-won-t-boot Forum Cd ROM Icon not showing in windows Hello, I am using windows XP sevice pack 2.Now whts happening cd rom icon is not showing in windows.I checked tht IDE cable, power cable & cdrom is working properly.When I boot system with windows XP cd its boot with cd, now clear cd rom is ok. but... en.kioskea/forum/affich-31288-cd-rom-icon-not-showing-in-windows Results for cdrom missing * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews Tip ASPI drivers for CD/DVD DrivesASPI drivers for CD/DVD Drives ASPI is an acronym for Advanced SCSI Programming Interface. ASPI drivers are the interface between software and hardware ( CD-ROM/DVD-ROM readers and writers) providing application developers the features of... en.kioskea/faq/sujet-1655-aspi-drivers-for-cd-dvd-drives Tip WIN XP&DELL : How to create an installation CD (MASTER CD)WIN XP&DELL : How to create an installation CD (MASTER CD)? For some, the installation CD of Windows XP are no longer included with Dell... en.kioskea/faq/sujet-1887-win-xp-dell-how-to-create-an-installation-cd-master-cd Tip BIOS ROM CHECKSUM ERROR-SYSTEM HALTEDBIOS ROM CHECKSUM ERROR-SYSTEM HALTED If the following error message is displayed when booting up your PC. BIOS ROM CHECKSUM ERROR-SYSTEM HALTED This means that the information found on the BIOS are invalid or cannot be ... en.kioskea/faq/sujet-716-bios-rom-checksum-error-system-halted Results for cd rom missing in device manager??? * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews Forum Enable cd-rom drive???Hello,how to enable cd rom drive that have been disable by the virus??what type of this virus??what name of this virus??? en.kioskea/forum/affich-78550-enable-cd-rom-drive Forum NO CD-ROM in my computerHello, I\'m using windows XP. When I restarted my windows, the CD-ROM icon in my computer disappeared. And a computer can\'ts to read disks.. There is no driver I suppose... How I can intall this device? Please help me to solve this problem. en.kioskea/forum/affich-85101-no-cd-rom-in-my-computer Forum My computer does not detect my cd-romHello, hi dj please help me... i have a problem with my computer, sometimes it doesn\'t detect the cd-rom, and it will not go to windows, then i change the 1st boot to ide, and it would just give me a black screen, but when i pull the plug off, then... en.kioskea/forum/affich-88145-my-computer-does-not-detect-my-cd-rom Results for cd rom missing in device manager??? * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews Software Download Unknown Device IdentifierUnknown Device Identifier enables you to identify a device that is not recognized by the Windows Device Manager. The program provides information on the device and the name of its manufacturer and can find its driver on the Internet. (Slightly... en.kioskea/telecharger/telecharger-1381-unknown-device-identifier Software Download CD-DVD SpeedCD / DVD Speed is a tool of analysis of the performance (benchmark) of the readers CD-ROM / DVD-ROM, able of testing the main characteristics of the reader, to know: Rate of transfer (Transfer misses) Time of access (Seek times) Usage of the... en.kioskea/telecharger/telecharger-130-cd-dvd-speed Software Download Ultimate Boot CDUltimate Boot CD ( UBCD) is a CD bootable containing an outfit of tools which can show itself of a big utility when the system refuses to start: -Diagnosis hard disk (Maxtor, Seagate, Samsung, Digital Western and IBM). -Cloning of disk (g4u,... en.kioskea/telecharger/telecharger-1221-ultimate-boot-cd Results for cd rom missing in device manager??? * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews Buying guide Avanquest Software My First CD-Rom: NumberDorling Kindersley has produced an excellent series of interactive parent-assisted learning packages designed for young children, of which My First Number is one. The CD-ROM is aimed at children aged 3-5 years and is especially useful for pre-school... en.kioskea/guide/406674467-avanquest-software-my-first-cd-rom-number Buying guide Avanquest Software My First CD-Rom: Getting Ready For SchoolDorling Kindersley has produced yet another outstanding and completely new interactive learning system-- My First CD-ROM: Getting Ready For School --to help children develop key pre-school skills while providing parents with advice and information on... en.kioskea/guide/406670074-avanquest-software-my-first-cd-rom-getting-ready-for-school Buying guide Complete Gardens CD-ROM Ltd Complete Garden: Multi list 3,500 garden plant finder and pruning guide ROM ., Interactive plant identifier and pruning guide CD-ROM Find plants for every soil condition, shady areas or plants for full sum en.kioskea/guide/635137819-complete-gardens-cd-rom-ltd-complete-garden-multi-list-3-500-garden-plant-finder-and-pruning-guide-encyclopaedia-cd-rom-mac-pc-cd Results for cd rom missing in device manager??? * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews News 80 missing computers at nuke lab: watchdogEighty computers have been lost, stolen or gone \"missing\" at a major US nuclear weapons lab, the nonprofit watchdog group Project On Government Oversight has said. Eighty computers have been lost, stolen or gone \"missing\" at a major US nuclear... en.kioskea/actualites/80-missing-computers-at-nuke-lab-watchdog-12060-actualite.php3 Results for cd rom missing in device manager??? * All * Tips * Forum * Downloads * Buying guide * News * Reviews Article Operating Systems - MS-DOS - TipsSetting the CD-ROM drive The CD-ROM drive is configured in the config.sys and autoexec.bat system files. The CD-ROM drive device driver must be configured in the config.sys file (even if the device is automatically detected in Windows). To do... en.kioskea/contents/dos/dosast.php3 Article CD, CD audio and CD-ROMThe Compact Disc was invented by Sony and Philips in 1981 in order to serve as a high-quality compact audio storage device which allowed for direct access to digital sound tracks. It was officially launched in October 1982. In 1984, the Compact... en.kioskea/contents/pc/cdrom.php3 Article PC Assembly - Hard drive installationHard drives, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM drives and floppy drive The motherboard usually has two IDE (Integrated Device Electronics) connectors: The first connector is known as the primary device controller; The second is known as the secondary device... en.kioskea/contents/assemblage/branchement-disques-durs.php3 Results for cd rom missing in device manager??? CommentCaMarche Network CommentCaMarche en.kioskea es.kioskea de.kioskea pt.kioskea it.kioskeaSUPINFO, School of IT engineers Subject index 0-9 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y ZAbout | General Terms | Site map | Top 50 | Contact - © All rights reserved 2009